The top 10 fastest goals in World Cup history

Immerse yourself in the annals of football history and discover the lightning-fast strikes that have etched their names in the annals of FIFA competitions around the world, from prestigious FIFA World Cup competitions to club clashes. Their incredible speed and precision have captivated fans around the world. Let's take a journey through the 10 fastest goals in FIFA history, starting with the fastest goal ever scored in a World Cup match:

1. Hakan Sükür – Türkiye vs. South Korea – 2002 World Cup

Displaying incredible skill and speed, Turkish striker Hakan Suker secured his place in football legend by scoring a goal just 11 seconds into a match against South Korea during the 2002 World Cup. It not only set the pace for the tournament, but it also earned Sükür a respected place in the pantheon of football's fastest scorers

2. Ledley King - Tottenham Hotspur - Bradford City - 2000

The Premier League saw another moment of brilliance when Ledley King, wearing a Tottenham Hotspur shirt, scored a powerful goal after just 9.9 seconds against Bradford City. King's quick goals in 2000 still stand as a testament to speed and power. English football

3. Brian Deane - Sheffield United v Manchester United - 1994

Brian Dean etched his name in the football history books with a stunning goal after just 8.1 seconds in the Premier League match between Sheffield United and Manchester United in 1994. It was a remarkable start. It not only stunned the audience. But it also solidifies Dean's legacy as one of the fastest goals. League Scorers - English Football Journey

4. Davide Gualtieri – San Marino vs England – 1993

In a World Cup qualifier filled with suspense, San Marino's Davide Gualtieri left an indelible mark when he scored in just 8.3 seconds in a match against England in 1993. Gualtieri's lightning strike not only demonstrated his prowess, it also etched his name. In the history of football.

5. Paolo Poggi - Sampdoria vs. Milan - 1993

Italian football witnessed a moment of pure magic when Paulo Sampdoria's Pukki scored a powerful goal after just 8.5 seconds of a Serie A match with AC Milan in 1993. A beautiful, fast and skillful match in Italy.

6. Asier del Horno - Athletic Bilbao vs Villarreal - 2006

Asier Del Orno sparked La Liga with a stunning goal after just 8.6 seconds of Athletic's match. Bilbao and Villarreal in 2006, Del's quick goalscoring Orno doesn't just get the pulse racing. But it also solidified his position as one of the fastest scorers in La Liga in Liga to date

7. Marcin Robak - Lech Poznań vs Roch Chorsov - 2008

In a high-energy Polish league encounter, Marcin Robak stunned the crowd with a stunning goal just 8.7 seconds into the match between Lech Poznań and Rukh Chorzów in 2018. Robak's quick strike in 2008 didn't just seal the win. He even engraved his name in football history

8. Mark Viduka - Leeds United vs Charlton Athletic – 2002 Mark Viduka etched his name into Premier League folklore with a breathtaking goal a mere 8.8 seconds into a clash between Leeds United and Charlton Athletic in 2002. Viduka's lightning-fast strike not only set the tone for the match but also showcased his remarkable talent on the field

9. Oleg Salenko - Russia vs. Cameroon - 1994

Oleg Salenko left an indelible mark on the World Cup scene with his lightning-fast goal in just 9.1 seconds in a match between Russia and Cameroon in 1994. Just an enthusiast but he still maintains his place among the fastest scorers in world football

10. Luke Chadwick - Manchester United vs Fulham – 2001 In a Premier League showdown brimming with anticipation, Luke Chadwick stunned spectators by finding the back of the net a mere 9.3 seconds into the match between Manchester United and Fulham in 2001. Chadwick's lightning-quick goal not only set pulses racing but also showcased his incredible skill and determination on the field