A lip reader unveiled the moment Salah's heated expressions were aimed directly at Klopp

A recent incident during the Liverpool vs. West Ham match garnered widespread attention after a "lip reader" revealed snippets of a tense exchange between Egyptian star Mohamed Salah and his coach Jurgen Klopp

The heated conversation unfolded on Saturday, further fueled by Klopp's impending departure from Liverpool at the season's end. The confrontation was eventually diffused with the intervention of fellow Uruguayan striker Darwin Nunez, who attempted to ease Salah's frustration before both players were substituted in the 79th minute

The "Sports Bible" website provided insight into Salah's remarks, courtesy of a lip-reading specialist employed by the sports outlet.

According to John Cassidy, a lip-reading expert who was interviewed by Sports Bible, Salah’s interactions with Klopp revealed the tension between the two. Cassidy pointed out that when Klopp extended his hand to shake his hand, Salah responded with a short handshake with his fingertips. This was interpreted by Klopp as disrespect and angered him

Cassidy explained that Salah showed the ability to change situations. This indicates that his availability for the match is not in line with Klopp's expectations. The expert also explained that Klopp's non-specific response worsened Salah's condition. This led to heated exchanges

During the confrontation, Salah expressed his dissatisfaction with Klopp, declaring, “I will get... I will get a red card after seven years, after seven years of service,” referring to the seven years he spent with Liverpool. This exchange highlighted Salah's emotional response to the situation.