La Liga is officially back as Barcelona and Real Madrid get ready for football return

La Liga will restart on June 11th, Real Madrid and Barcelona will be ready to resume the game.

La Liga confirm first fixtures as Barcelona and Real Madrid learn return date

Due to the continuing coronavirus pandemic in June, the league will be absent for two months,  La Liga officials have announced the first batch of matches.

The game will begin on June 11 between the Real Betis and Sevilla as a Sevilla derby.This means that Barcelona and Real Madrid will fight another 11 games to compete for the championship.

Barcelona confirmed on Sunday that Barcelona will restart La Liga in Mallorca on June 13, and Real Madrid champions will receive Ebal the next day.

La Liga said in a statement: "After more than two months of interruption due to the outbreak of COVID-19, La Riga Santander Bank and La Riga Smart Bank have now fixed the date of return. On June 11, the 2019/20 season will resume the game, and the rest of the game day will be between that day and the end of July 19"

Barcelona are currently leading the Real Madrid by two points in the championship game, while Atletico are behind Sevilla, Royal Society and Getafe, ranking sixth.

The team returned to personal training in early May and has been working with a group of 14 people over the past week. Starting on Monday, they have obtained the government's permission to receive full training again.