'If they kick me out, I will back Barcelona' - Pep Guardiola

'If they kick me out, I will back Barcelona' - Pep Guardiola 

Man City boss Pep

PEP Guardiola has given Manchester City a title back to back, with the assurance that there are no plans to leave the club for at least two years. 

There was a gossip that Guardiola was tempted to move to Juventus or back Barcelona this summer so Man city officials were apprehensive, but Guardiola has informed them that this is not the case. 
Juventus had Pep Guardiola at the top of their list of favorites to replace Sari, and can now return to Spurs boss Mauricio Pochettino. Barcelona also interest Pep back his own arena. 

At least until the summer of 2021 Guardiola will stay at the Etihad Stadium as he is desperate to win the Champions League, Guardiola told these to his close friends this week. 

In 2016, when he moved to the North West had signed his contract but now that is extended until 2021, he said. 

And he also plans to stay at City until he gains what he wants to achieve. Becoming back-to-back Premier League champions City could make history on next Sunday. 

If they win in their final game against Brighton then they would seal the title and that’s how they can prevent Liverpool from jumping. 

Guardiola is willing to go into the final day it would be a massive achievement for the club to retain the Premier League. 
He said that he is not going to change his opinion on what they have done.  He also added that but of course, for getting more credit they have to win. They saw in the Champions League, when one team are out, everybody destroyed the teams, destroyed the managers, destroyed clubs, though they are doing well. 

He said that they know the life in which they live. And they will be judged. So they have to win. 

Firstly, it’s a dream to be here. He didn’t expect it when they were seven points behind against this Liverpool to be in the position they are now. 

So that’s why it’s a dream come true. They’ve shown many things but now is not the moment to say how well they’ve done. They have the chance to be champions if they win their game and that’s what they have to do. 

The fact they have done incredibly well all season in all competitions and now have two games – for two titles, they have to be strong mentally as they know that it’s going to be tough. 

They must play well, as they know it will be tough. 

It’s about how they react even if they have bad moments and try to make a good game. Focus on the game – how they want to play – and not worry too much. 

He also added that they may have to go crazy in the last five, 10, 15 minutes but before that they have a plan and follow the plan to win the game – what they have done all season.